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      • Advancing Translational Cancer Medicine in Latin America
      • 23.05.2017
      • In recent years, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has expanded its efforts to catalyze advances in cancer research globally and support its members residing in 107 countries in addition to the United States. 

        One important initiative this year was the landmark conference held May 4-6, in São Paulo, Brazil-the AACR International Conference on Translational Cancer Medicine. This conference, the first of its kind in Latin America and held in cooperation with the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG), convened a broad spectrum of cancer researchers and presented an overview of state-of-the-art translational cancer research.

        Click here for the full report.

      • memo InOncology WCLC 2016 - UPDATE
      • 03.03.2017
      • The 2016 memo - inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE congress report from WCLC 2016 congress summarises a range of topics relating to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.


        Now, the 2016 memo inOncology congress report from WCLC 2016 is now available in spanish.


      • Projeto AMAZONA III
      • 24.02.2017
      • O Projeto AMAZONA III é o maior registro de novos casos de câncer de mama no Brasil, que está ocorrendo no país desde janeiro de 2016. Estão participando 24 centros de pesquisa de todas as regiões do país e todas as participantes serão acompanhadas por 5 anos. 

        Este projeto é apoiado pelo PRONON e pelo Instituto AVON.