memo InOncology WCLC 2016 - UPDATE


The 2016 memo - inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE congress report from WCLC 2016 congress summarises a range of topics relating to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

- Preface
- Notable advances in the field of anti-EGFR therapy
- Emerging treatments in ALK-positive NSCLC: new options, but also new challenges
- Liquid biopsy in the context of EGFR and other mutations
- Immunotherapy: novel anti-PD-L1 antibodies and various combination regimens
- Who is candidate for immunotherapy?
- Anti-angiogenesis and nintedanib: activity in mesthelioma, and potential biomarkers
- Practice-changing refinements of lung cancer staging
- Inhibition of HER2 driver mutations can confer benefits



Now, the 2016 memo inOncology congress report from WCLC 2016 is now available in spanish.

Click here for the full report in SPANISH

Full Report in English